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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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Congratulations to Mr. Jimmy Boatwright!

My name is Jimmy Boatwright. This is my 9th year teaching, all of which have been in Marion County, at Creek Bridge High School. I am the chair person for the Social Studies department. I currently teach Economics, Government, and Current Events. In the past, I have taught Geography, Global Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Street Law and Teacher Cadets.

Outside of teaching, I have been married to my wife, Amie Boatwright for 6 years, and we have two children. Our son, Justice (6), is currently a first grade student at North Mullins Primary School. Journey, our daughter, is a 2 year- old bubble of energy.

Marion County has always been home to me. I attended Terrell’s Bay High before the consolidation with Britton’s Neck High to create Creek Bridge. During my high school years teaching as a profession was not an idea, even though I completed the Teacher Cadet program. It wouldn’t be until college that I decide to teach. While attending Clemson University, I worked summer camps to increase SAT scores among minority Junior and Senior high school students. This experience pushed me towards education. After graduating with a Psychology Degree and Education Minor, I didn’t know if I should be a counselor or teacher. I would end up doing both within my first year after graduating. I worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for about 9 months before realizing this may not be what I want to do as a career. I decided to focus on teaching after that. I began going on interviews in UpState SC. I was on my way back from Aiken when I got a call from my old Social Studies teacher, Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers was now the assistant principal at Creek Bridge and wanted me to interview for a job. Mr. Rogers was always great friend and mentor to me so I agreed. I began teaching at Creek Bridge the following school year.

As educators I believe our biggest job is to instill perseverance; entitlement and complacency are things detrimental to succeeding in Today’s world. It is imperative for young people to understand that because one thinks they deserve something does not mean that it will automatically be given. I believe that students should be challenged, and in return, learn to challenge themselves. I have witnessed many students that are fine with “just getting by.” In many cases, they (the student) won’t strive for excellence when a “D” will get them to that next level. In some cases, students get frustrated easily and quickly give up on their goals. In my role as an educator, I have worked tirelessly to instill perseverance in the young people I encounter. At the school age, it is important to realize that life is not always easy, and one should be prepared to face obstacles and willing to do the work to succeed. The first big obstacle that my students face is graduating from high school; many youth view school as a hindrance without purpose. My responsibility is to help these young people realize that school is a stepping stone, rather than a road block.

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